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Special Needs and Tornadoes: A Joplin Story

Categories: General, Natural Disasters, Preparedness, Response

It’s been almost two years since a devastating tornado ripped through the town of Joplin, Missouri, and the community continues to rebuild.  Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to visit Joplin to learn more about The Independent Living Center -Joplin (TILC), one of seven programs chosen as a promising example of FEMA’s Whole Community Approach to emergency management. 

Do 1 Thing January: Make a Plan

Categories: Do 1 Thing, General, Natural Disasters, Preparedness, Response

By Cate Shockey

This blog is part of a

series, covering a preparedness topic each month from the Do 1 Thing Program.  Join us this month as we discuss “making a plan.”series, covering a preparedness topic each month from the Do 1 Thing Program.  Join us this month as we discuss “making a plan.”

My family was curled up watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve when the lights flickered and went out.  Wondering whether or not we were the only house affected, my dad looked out the window to see what was happening while my mother thought this would be a perfect time to break out her End of the World emergency kit (don’t get me started).  When my dad retrieved said “kit,” it consisted of a lantern-style flashlight and 16 D-batteries.  Pitiful.  This was how she was planning to survive the end of the world? 

Grand Rounds: People with Disabilities and Public Health

Categories: General, Preparedness, Prevention/Vaccination

By Gloria Krahn (Director, CDC’s Division of Human Development and Disability)

On December 18, 2012, CDC hosted a Public Health Grand Rounds promoting opportunities for the best quality of life for individuals with disabilities. You can access the event in the Grand Round archives.

The facts: One in six adult Americans live with a disability when defined by a limitation in function, and $400 billion is spent annually on disability-related health expenditures. 

Do 1 Thing in 2013

Categories: Do 1 Thing, General, Natural Disasters, Preparedness, Response

New Year’s resolutions have been on our mind at CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response.  Through the halls you will hear talk of losing weight, reading more, spending less money… the list goes on and on.  But let’s be honest, resolutions can be hard to keep.  This year, make a resolution you can keep.  Commit to improving your preparedness skills and resources for emergency situations.  

Public Health Spotlight: Matt McDaniel

Categories: Anthrax, General, Preparedness

ExerciseBy: Diana Yassanye

Workers from the county health department calmly walk door to door putting little bags into mailboxes as they move through the quiet suburban neighborhood. In less than two hours, the team has delivered those bags to 1500 mailboxes, nearly 4500 residents.  In each bag is a bottle of antibiotics that provides protection from the inhalational anthrax that was released in town by some very bad people. The residents who have those antibiotics in their mailboxes can stay home for a few more days, buying time for public health, healthcare, and law enforcement officials to determine who is at risk from the deadly biological agent and who will need more medication.

Sound like a new blockbuster movie?

Project Wildfire: A Community Approach to Surviving Wildfires

Categories: General, Natural Disasters, Preparedness, Response


Wildfires burning brush and treesBy Kate Lighthall

Project Wildfire in Deschutes County, Oregon has been recognized by CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Responses’ (OPHPR) Learning Office and the CDC Foundation as a community effort that reflects and embodies FEMA’s Whole Community approach to emergency management.

Although central Oregon experiences other natural and man-made disasters, wildfires are by far the biggest threat here, especially during the summer months.  In an average year, we experience 450 fires that burn 50,000 acres and homes, threaten lives and impact the economy.  Following two devastating wildfires that burned in Bend, Oregon in 1990 and again in 1996, the Fire Chief of Deschutes County, Oregon, Gary Marshall, received a phone call from Safeco Insurance offering to contribute to the purchase of new firefighting equipment. Marshall politely declined Safeco’s offer because he had a more effective, long-term solution in mind that involved educating the public about the risks of wildfires.

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